Bluetooth MPOS

Bluetooth MPOS is a new type of payment product. It connects with general smart mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and transmits information through the Internet. The external device performs operations such as card reading, PIN input, data encryption and decryption, and prompt information display. Applications.

Bluetooth MPOS card slot, IC card slot, memory, magnetic card reader, IC card reader, built-in password keyboard, LCD display, digital keyboard, power supply, communication interface, etc.

Bluetooth MPOS is used for account recharge credit card repayment, transfer remittance, personal repayment, mobile phone recharge, order payment, personal loan repayment, Alipay order, Alipay recharge, bank card balance inquiry, lottery ticket, Tintin discount, public payment, credit card assistant, air ticket Reservations, hotel reservations, train ticket purchases, car rentals, merchandise shopping, golf, yachts, business jets, helicopters, high-end travel, etc.
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