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Printer specifications


For some printer printing and copying machines, write a printer specification using steps:


Print copiers use common machines, so there are generally the following types:1.The color is abnormal, 2. Paper jam 3, No printing content


In order to improve efficiency and reduce waste, we should check the machine before printing, then print and copy, check the content:

 printer printing

First: The printer relies on ink to print content, so it often prints. There will be ink stains in the printer. It needs to be cleaned regularly. Gently wipe the bottom of the ink cartridge and the left side to keep the interior clean.


Second: Place the paper and put the paper to the end.


Third: Check the ink cartridge, check the ink, take out the ink cartridge before printing, wipe the print head with paper, and then press the print head with clean paper. If the print head shows ink on the paper except for the ink in the middle, the periphery If there is ink, continue to wipe in one direction, and then press repeatedly until there is no ink spill on the periphery. In addition, the color ink cartridges must have uniform red, yellow, and blue bars after pressing, which is normal. If there is less, or there is no description, the ink is low. Or the ink did not come down and flick twice, observe if there is any, and decide whether to add ink until the above steps, press the normal three bars, and then print.