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  • The SIM card is used to replace the conventional IC card through the mobile phone card in the mobile phone. First, the user reads the card in the card reader through the SIM card in the mobile phone. The card reader passes the information to the POS terminal through recognition, and the POS terminal sends the data to The management server performs verification and comparison and data exchange processing, and then transmits the data back to the POS terminal to realize the consumption function.


  • The passage will give you the answer.


  • Rfid (radio frequency identification) is a wireless communication technology that can identify targets and read and write related data through radio signals without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and the target. The rfid reader-writer communicates wirelessly with the rfid electronic tag through an antenna, and can read or write the tag identification code and memory data. Rfid reader can recognize moving objects, and can recognize multiple tags at a time. Commonly used rfid readers are divided into fixed rfid readers and handheld rfid readers.


  • For some printer printing and copying machines, write a printer specification using steps: Print copiers use common machines, so there are generally the following types:1.The color is abnormal, 2. Paper jam 3, No printing content In order to improve efficiency and reduce waste, we should check the machine before printing, then print and copy, check the content.


  • On 26 June 2019, The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) announced two new validation programs for use by payment software vendors to demonstrate that both their development practices and their payment software products address overall software security resiliency to protect payment data.


  • VR technology is one of the hot topics in science and technology. However, there is another technology that we have overlooked, namely augmented reality (AR).