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What is the difference between MPOS and POS in principle?

The MPOS machine realizes the function of replacing the conventional IC card with the SIM card through the mobile phone card in the mobile phone. First, the user reads the card in the card reader through the SIM card in the mobile phone. The card reader transmits the information to the POS terminal through identification, and the POS terminal transfers the data. It is sent to the management server for verification and comparison and data exchange processing, and then the data is sent back to the POS terminal to realize the consumption function.

The basic principle of the POS system is to first create the product information in the computer file, and through the computer cash register connection structure, the barcode on the product can be directly read through the optical reading device on the cash register device, and the product information can be displayed immediately to speed up the cash register. with correctness. The sales details of each commodity are automatically recorded, and then sent back to the computer by the online framework.