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Basic principle of payment pos machine.


Basic principle of payment pos machine.

The basic principle of POS system is that the commodity information is first created in the computer file. Through the on-line architecture of computer cash register, the barcode on the commodity can be read directly by the optical reading device on the cashier device (or the code is directly entered by the keyboard), and the commodity information (unit price, department, discount...) can be displayed immediately. Accelerate cash register speed and accuracy. The details of each sale (price, department, time period, customer level) are automatically recorded and sent back to the computer by the on-line architecture. Through computer calculation processing can generate a variety of sales statistical analysis information should be the basis for management.

The POS machine reads the magnetic stripe information of the cardholder on the bank card through the card reader, the POS operator inputs the transaction amount, and the cardholder inputs the personal identification information (i.e., password). The POS machine sends the information through the UnionPay center to the issuing bank system to complete the online transaction, give the successful information, and print the corresponding bill. The application of POS realizes the online consumption of credit cards, debit cards and other bank cards, ensures the safety, speed and accuracy of the transaction, avoids the complicated labor such as manual query blacklist and pressing orders, and improves the work efficiency.

The design requirements of magnetic stripe card module meet the needs of three-track magnetic cards, that is, this module should be able to read the magnetic cards of 1/2, 2/3, 1/2/3 track.

Folding internal analysis
The communication interface circuit is usually composed of RS232 interface, PINPAD interface, IRDA interface and RS485 interface circuit. RS232 interface is usually the POS program download interface, PINPAD interface is usually the host and password keyboard interface, IRDA interface is usually the mobile phone and landline infrared communication interface. Interface signals are usually composed of a sending signal, a receiving signal and a power signal.

The MODEM board consists of a central processing module, a memory module, a MODEM module, and a telephone line interface. First of all, POS will first detect /RING and /PHONE signals to determine whether the voltage on the telephone line can be used. The switch will return the dialing tone, the POS dial the number, and the sending light will flash to start dialing the number. The communication protocol will determine the signal between the switch and POS for handshake confirmation, and then the POS data exchange will begin. Signals are sent and received through the MODEM circuit; Hang up to end the process.