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The working principle of the POS machine

The basic principle of POS machine is to first create the commodity data in the computer file. Through the online architecture of the computer cash register, the bar code on the commodity can be read directly through the optical reading device on the cash register device (or enter the code directly from the keyboard) and the commodity information (unit price, Department, discount...) can be displayed immediately Accelerate the speed and correctness of cash register. The sales details of each commodity (selling price, Department, time period and customer level) are automatically recorded and then transmitted back to the computer through the online architecture. Through computer calculation and processing, various sales statistics and analysis information can be generated as the basis of operation and management.

The POS machine reads the magnetic stripe information of the cardholder on the bank card through the card reader. The POS operator inputs the transaction amount and the cardholder inputs the personal identification information (i.e. password). The POS sends these information to the card issuing bank system through the UnionPay center to complete the online transaction, give the success information and print the corresponding bill. The application of POS realizes the online consumption of credit cards, debit cards and other bank cards, ensures the safety, quickness and accuracy of transactions, avoids the complicated labor such as manual blacklist query and bill pressing, and improves the work efficiency.

(POS machine)The design requirements of magnetic stripe card module meet the needs of three track magnetic card, that is, this module should be able to read magnetic cards of 1 / 2, 2 / 3 and 1 / 2 / 3 tracks.