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How to set up a handheld barcode scanner?

1. Restore factory settings. This setting is the most important setting in the barcode scanner settings. Under normal circumstances, barcode scanner failures (such as unable to read barcodes, etc.) can be solved by this barcode scanner setting.

2. Add settings for the prefix and suffix of the barcode data. Some barcode applications require that the uploaded barcode data have a certain prefix and suffix to adapt to some functions of the system. Through this barcode scanner setting, you can easily add prefix and suffix to the barcode scanner.

3. The interception setting of the number of digits of the barcode data. In some barcode applications, it is required to read the uploaded barcode data. Delete the first few characters or the last few characters to adapt to some functions of the system. Through this barcode scanner setting, you can easily delete the number of characters for the barcode scanner. .

4. Serial communication output setting of barcode scanner. It can be set through this barcode scanner to facilitate the modification of serial port parameters, such as baud rate, parity, stop bit, data bit, handshake protocol, etc.
5. Barcode scanner scan mode setting. At present, high-quality barcode scanners can have a variety of scanning methods, such as manual button scanning, constant light scanning, light flashing scanning, self-sensing barcode scanning, which can be set by this barcode scanner, which can be easily used in various Switch between modes.

6. Barcode scanner code system activation settings. In order to speed up its decoding, barcode scanners often lock certain supported barcode symbologies. By default, the scanner cannot read them. If you encounter this type of locked barcode in practice, you can set it through this barcode scanner. , The quick and convenient opening of the code system.

7. Barcode scanner interface type setting. When the barcode scanner is changing the interface data line, the barcode scanner can be set to switch the interface mode, so that the barcode scanner can be used normally in this interface mode.

8. Barcode scanner buzzer settings. When the barcode scanner is used alternately in a noisy environment and a quiet environment, the barcode scanner can be set to control the size of the scanning sound of the barcode scanner, so as to be more suitable for the sound requirements of the environment.